Florida Lottery Analysis Subscription
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What do you get with the Subscription

You get the free menu selections for the Florida Lottery Current Results, Date Search and Jackpot Amounts.

In addition you get the Pick2, Pick3, Pick4 and Fantasy5 Searches, which allows searches into our database to determine when your selected numbers came out in the past. You can sort the results by Mid-day, Evening or both Mid-day and Evening. These results help you determine which numbers you may want to play.

We also feature the Hot Pick2, Pick3, Pick4 and Fantasy5 results. You can see what numbers in the past are the most popular. We also break down the numbers by position showing what are the hot and cold numbers in the respective time frame.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee or predict what numbers will come out, we just provide the statistics on past numbers that came out. These statistics can increase your odds when picking the numbers that you want to play.

Coming soon, we will be adding the Hot numbers for PowerBall, Megamillions, Cash4Life and Lotto.

Click on the subscribe button below to join our monthly Florida Subscription. You will be billed $1.99 per month. Thank You and Good Luck with you Lottery picks.