How to use this Web App

This free app will provide the latest 90 day results for the MegaMillions Drawings. It also provides the current Jackpot Amounts for the next MegaMillions Drawing as well as the next PowerBall Jackpot Amount. Included is a Date search feature that allows lookups for older drawings of the MegaMillions results.

One thing to remember, In the top MenuBar of each screen, the left and right parts of the MenuBar will have links to a Help screen and a link to a previous screen. Also, any blue buttons are also links, as the Submit or Cancel buttons within certain screens. Click on the Main button in the top MenuBar to get back to the Main Menu.

All of the other selections in the Main Menu screen can only be accessed with a purchased Subscription. The Subscriptions are $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. You can click on the Subscription required buttons in the Main screen for a more detailed explanation of the features. Basically, there is a 5 Number search, a one number search and a Mega number search. Also, there are the hottest numbers drawn since May of 2002 and the hottest Mega Numbers from the last 90 day of drawings. Finally, we provided a random number generator for the MegaMillions drawings.

A final note, we do not promise to forcast winning numbers for any of the future MegaMillions drawings. What we do provide are statistics on the past drawings. Thereby providing information to allow subscribers to see what the hot numbers are in the past, and allowing subscribers to make their choices on which numbers to play in the upcoming MegaMillions drawings. We also do our best to display the correct MegaMillions numbers drawn and are not responsible for any errors.

Click on the Main button in the MenuBar at the top of the page to get to the Main Menu screen.

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